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A radiant glow, plus mega-soft skin, minus nasty UVs - welcome to our Lunaverse. All our self-tanning products combine naturally-derived DHA with skin-loving ingredients, so you can feel good bronzing. Plus, prep your skin and apply your tan the LB way, with our range of skin exfoliating products and self-tan accessories.


Change the way you tan forever with Luna Bronze. 

Up to 99% natural and organic, and 100% vegan and cruelty-free, our all-natural tanning products aren’t just good for your body - they’re good for the environment. Each bronzing product contains nourishing skincare elements, including enriching essential-oil elixirs, wheatgerm, caffeine, and goji berry extract, which, when combined with naturally-derived DHA build our luminous, signature tan. The final result? A smooth and bronzed glow all over that fades evenly over time. Your skin will love the natural mandarin, lemon myrtle, and orange blossom essential oils that deliver a rejuvenating, vibrant fragrance with every application. 

Where sunless tanning products meet skin care 

Whether you want an instant tan ready in an hour or prefer a gradual glow, we’ve got the best sunless tanning products to help you bring out the inner bronzed god or goddess inside you - safely and without the sun. For those of us that have time (and patience), you might want to indulge in our Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. Prefer to be bronzed up in a matter of minutes? Our Radiant Self Tanning Lotion is the express self-tanner you didn’t know you needed till now. We’ve got you covered with our Illume Tanning Mist that can be spritzed on the face and neck daily for a seamless colour blend from head to toe. But don’t just stop at our organic sunless tanning products: amp it up with our fake tan accessories, like our exfoliating mitt and tanning mitt. We really have thought of everything when it comes to getting the best experience out of your at-home sunless tanning mission. 

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Glow differently with Luna Bronze and our collection of organic tanning products. Got questions about any of our products? Contact us today. 


What is the best organic self-tanner? 

With our lightweight formulas and sweet scents, our organic self-tanners are easy to apply and deliver a flawless finish every time. Each of our products contains nourishing ingredients that won’t dry out your skin, and best of all they’re up to 99% natural and totally cruelty-free. 

Is organic self tanner safe? 

All of our tanning products are up to 99% natural and organic, which means they don’t contain any nasty parabens or chemicals. Most importantly, our self tanner means you won’t be exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, making our organic self tanners the safest products on the market. 

What's the best sunless tanner for you? 

From fair skin to beginners to the tanning experts, Luna Bronze has something for everyone in our sunless tanning range. Featuring all-natural ingredients as well as being cruelty-free, vegan, and organic, your skin will be feeling bronzed as well as moisturised. And we’ve thrown in a tantalising mix of lemon myrtle, mandarin, and orange blossom to leave a vibrant fragrance. 

What is the best self tanner for your face? 

Self tanning your face can be as easy as pushing a button. Our Illume Tanning Mist (also known as tanning water) is a lightweight mist that can be spritzed onto the face and neck for a seamless blend. With its non-comedogenic formula, our self tanner for the face is suitable for all skin types and won't clog your pores. If you're looking for a two-in-one product that gives you an effortless glow and treats your skin, meet our Good Night Face Bronzing Serum. Our Vitamin C infused serum is rich with antioxidants working to hydrate, brighten and nourish while the natural tanning active works overnight to provide an effortless, natural glow. You can mix in with your favourite night cream or apply the serum directly to your skin. Wake up to a bronzed radiant glow! 

Are sunless self tanners toxic? 

Not at all. In fact, our sunless self tanners are the safest way to get bronzed skin. Avoid the sun’s harmful rays and prevent the acceleration of skin ageing by grabbing our tan in a bottle. There’s never been a safer way to get a glow. 

How long does a sunless tan last? 

When properly cared for, our sunless tans can last for up to 7-10 days. The key is to prep your skin with our Back to Base Body Exfoliant with Glycolic Acid and Papaya extract along with our exfoliating mitt to help remove dead skin cells. Then, apply your sunless tan with our self tanning mitt for a seamless and streak-free application.

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